Monday, May 10, 2010

The Unattractiveness of Being Emo Past 22...

Yep, I said it. And I patterned the title after the usual cadence of a few Type-O-Negative songs. Seems like a person should have their emotional turmoil in check by sometime in their 20s. But no. Can you really come to know yourself until your 30s? Then, you get to know you in your 30s, and spend your 40s exploring what you know about you. I suppose, if you are derailed in this process, then you fall back on that gothy undercurrent. That is if you developed one sometime in your life.

Since my paintings are about some emotional explorations using color and shape, I tap into my "gothy undercurrent" on purpose. You never see it...unless you are in my studio- and really even then, you never see it. And what I mean specifically is that it is "emotions in the spectrum of negative energy versus positive". I will not apologize for this. It is what it is. Yes, it has manifested through events in my life that I will not share with you.

Just look at the art. Enjoy it. If it makes you feel happy, then kick ass. I always want it to be open to your interpretation.

That is, unless it is this piece:

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