Monday, May 31, 2010

Showing at 83 Gallery for June Gallery Hop

Join 83 Gallery June 5th, for our monthly Art Tour! Start your night at the original 83 Gallery with the following artists: Greg Donchatz, Lisa Hartsell, Tom Grabinski, Peggy Mintun, Donald Cox, Arlo Moon, Pam Ashton, Royce Icon, and J.A. Kelly, with a joint porch exhibition of Joss Parker and Chip Cropper. After that, follow our crew to De Levee: Nick Stull, J.A. Kelly, Eric Paul Owens, Joss Parker, Alex Brown. Next is Max the Salon: Aaron Paula, Matthew Franklin, Joss Parker, Nick Stull, W.E. Arnold, Trevor Boyle, Chip Cropper, and Lea Gray. Then, Bernard's Tavern: Jamie Hittle, Nick Stull, W.E. Arnold, Lea Gray and Audra Cheek. Finish your night at Eleven at Hyde Park with some of 83's top talent. The show starts at 6pm at 83 W 1st ave, Short North. For questions please contact Geoff or Mic at

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