Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scooby Snacks VS Velociraptors.

Scooby Snacks VS Velociraptors.

This is the rating system that I have chosen for my blog. Why? It is pure nonsense. I mean, not that I do not care what you have to say. I do. I have people weigh in on what I do every single day. Everybody is an expert when it comes to visual design. People have opinions. They know what they like. I am fine with that. Subjective. Objective. No matter. Bring it.

To me Velociraptors are not a good thing. They will gang up on you. They are cold and calculated. They want to eat you. It's true. Or, it would be true if some dumb ass geneticist decided to bring them back and found a way to do it. But, since it is a fantasy, you may find velociraptors to be kick ass. I completely understand. I want to have one on a T-shirt with the latest quip. Why not?

Scooby Snacks to me, are fantastic. I love them. They are what makes me happy. They may not make you happy, though. And that is okay. I think we can agree to disagree and still get along.

So, if you want to rate, just pick your favorite or least favorite item on the list. Scooby Snacks, or Velociraptors.

Artwork: This is called Jungle Lizard. It was the closest thing I had to a velociraptor. The original art is gone. I sent original work off to a postcard show near Chicago and never got it back. AND I did not even get into the show. Grrrr.

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