Sunday, December 6, 2009

In The Toilet - New Moon

Um, I literally dropped the New Moon novel in the toilet this morning. And honestly, when I was fishing it out of the bowl, it seemed like it was actually meant to be. I mean, it is kind of a piece of shit. Yet, I am compelled to read it. I may borrow another copy now in order to continue reading it.

I have been keeping my reading of the Twilight Saga hush-hush for a couple of reasons. First, it is kind of lame. Second, I am only reading it cause I want to bitch a blue streak about it once I finish it.

So, Reason 1: Lame. Yeah, this is written for teens. Reason 2: This is for teens and I hate, hate, hate the message it sends to young, teenage women. To become so fucking dependent on a man who treats you so badly. I mean, seriously. To ache for and pine away after Edward Cullen...come on. But, I keep reading it to add the fuel to bitch even more about it, cause I heard it gets worse and worse...he becomes abusive. But hey, she sticks it out, right...true love and devotion and all that.

We shall see...but, now my secret is out...Twilight is a toilet reader.

PS. I am not even going to mention the sparkling part of it...

Update: You know, maybe it landing in the toilet is a sign...maybe I should quit wasting my time and brain on it.

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