Friday, December 4, 2009

Freshly Baked Peg

I was the envy of the glass lady today, as mine was the only table that caught the brunt of the sunlight from the giant windows. The metallic flecks in my paint caught the sunlight, though. Ewwwww, shiny...

This is an excellent opportunity to tell you, DO NOT HANG ART IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Why would you do that??? There is not enough UVLS varnish I can put on the painting to help you. Just don't. Even if it catches the sparkle in the metallic paints and is shiny and pretty. It will not get leathery and wrinkled up like you or me, but it will fade over time into blah.

Also, even the UV lights in your corporate office can have an adverse effect on art. Make sure the art is under glass with UV protection, or painted with a varnish that offers UVLS protection.

Sold today:
Painting 1: Composition 4: The Dancers
Painting 2: Composition 3: Waterfall

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