Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahhhhhhh.........Another Weekend In Paradise

Ahhhhhhh.........Another Weekend In Paradise

Another installment of stream of consciousness writing.

Went to the dentist.
She talked about banks non-stop.
I was totally high on nitrous oxide.
Get me high and then spark a conversation about finance.
You are ruining my buzz.
Huge misconception.
I am a designer.
I am not a financier; but please, do go on.
I am interested.

I need to answer some interview questions.
Maybe I should wait until I am not on meds.
Nah, fuck it.
I'll do it now.
Send it later.
It is about art marketing strategies.
Hmmmm....I like art and I like marketing.
I think he picked the right person.
But then I like astrophysics.
Yet I may not be the right person to ask about string theory.
Nah, I've got a pretty good handle on shameless self promotion.

The novacaine is wearing off.
I am getting my feeling back.
It is a crap shoot...messing with nerves.
Never mind.
I have another MRI this month.
I keep on thinking about how this will affect the steel plates in my spine.
Will it magnetize the metal?
And make me the largest refrigerator magnet ever?
Probably not.
But these are things I like to consider.
I started reading Flowers for Algernon today.
A friend suggested it for me.
My increasing dyslexia is a concern.
The language centers of my brain may be in peril.
I am a walking textbook of neurological pathologies.
So the doctors say.

Capital gain. Capital loss.
Looks like the new game room is a go.
And a dedicated studio space.
My tooth is killing me.
Another vicodin.
Makes me tired.
I wake up in a panic.
I stopped breathing.
No breath.
I have to force my breathing.
No oxygen.
Empty lungs.
Cannot get air.
So, I start running.
This is not a dream.
And I am still alive.
Another weekend in paradise.

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