Monday, December 19, 2011

Like Fight Club on Xanax

If L Ron Hubbard could make a religion out of his books, then Chuck Palahniuk should make a religion out of his.

I feel like I have not been around for a while. And I have not. Making some changes in my life again...I am always making changes. But then, the more things change the more they stay the same. One of my wiser friends put it nicely:

"When you finally arrive at a 'place' after years of waiting to get there...sometimes it's a lot different than the way you imagined it would be. At that point, maybe some part of you already knows you can't stay." - DS

Here is a condensed list of shows and happenings and what-not:

January - March: Solo at Lemongrass in the Short North
January - February: Abx Show at Madlab
March: CAW Show at the Shot Tower Gallery at Fort Hayes
April: GVAL Show called 200 at The Carnegie Library (this is a juried show that I am not sure if I will be in it)

Also, you can see my work at the Whistlepig Gallery in Pataskala, Ohio.

I just finished my 2012 Calendar called Collection of Art. It can be purchased here.

Sublime Rush:
I published my first issue of Sublime Rush since I assumed ownership in July of this year. I think it turned out rad, so check it out. I am gearing up for the next issue and already have many amazing artists lined up for it, as well as some "how to" articles for the independent artists out there.

Sketchbook Tour:
And last, but not least, I am also busy making my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Tour...more info here.
My theme is Fill Me With Stories. And I have a lot of stories. The pages below are my attempt at this years Sketchbook Project (My theme was Secret Codes)...did not finish in time, so I hope that I will with this one!

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