Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Forgotten Blog

Nah, not really. I promise I will update it more very soon, but life has been pretty....well, not so much busy, but eventful.

I have been much more involved with The German Village Art League lately. I am currently serving as Secretary of the group, so I have been volunteering my time for GVAL events and promoting GVAL and its artists. Check out the site.

Still very involved with Sublime is in hold at the moment, but it will continue again very soon with interviews with Francesco D'Isa (Porn Saints) and other artists...well, these things are currently in the works and soon to be defined.

And painting! Trying to keep inspired. Loving my new studio...the space is much bigger than before - gotta love that...

A few new pieces from this year:

Mossy Sunset by Peggy Mintun

Green Fall by Peggy Mintun

Burning Moss by Peggy Mintun

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