Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, a couple weeks ago I alluded to a conversation I had with James and Phil. They had posed a question, or a conundrum, that was basically as follows:

If you made an exact replica of yourself with DNA, as well as an exact imprint of your memories and knowledge, and essentially everything that makes you you up until that moment, where does your soul reside after that moment? In you, or in your duplicate, or in both?
And then in the next second the first version was killed, would you die or live on?

We pretty much determined that your soul, or your existence would remain in the original vessel. So, you-as-you-know-it would die. The duplicate of you would then become it's own entity and would not actually have your soul.

I is trippy to think about.

By the way, the wormhole time travel flow chart really has nothing to do with this quandasity. And, just so you know, "quandasity" is a made up word.


Jimmie said...

Man, I'm confused.

LolaPeg said...

I added to it. It was missing some important stuff. But I bet it is more confusing now.

How those slimy green monsters treatin' ya?

Jimmie said...

Damn. I had a friggin headache during the morning, but by the afternoon, I was ready for a few more :-)

LolaPeg said...

Excellent. :D I don't know if I'd drink those, but I could use some whiskey right now. Makes ya feel better!