Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bongo Drums You Say?

Why yes, thank you.

PS...Um, it is harder to play these things than you'd think. Joe is a natural drummer and just walks by and makes 'em sound like something.

But, drums and belly dance do go together.

OH yeah, Joe is a natural flutterer, which is a belly dance move where you move your diaphragm really fast and make your belly "wave". When I told him I had trouble with the move, he proceeded to lift his shirt and do it. Grrrrr. :D


Remy said...

Ok, so I am a natural flutterer too, but now have no use for the skill. Bummer.

LolaPeg said...

Gah, maybe some day I will be a flutterer. I am a natural body snaker and belly roller though. Those skills are transferable to other applications.