Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coke Rabbits & eWoks

Sitting at the salon...
Figured I would blog since I haven't in a while.

Did I spell eWok right... I don't care, really. It's my attention to detail that is so inspiring.

June will be a good month for art happenings.

There is No Right, No Wrong at the high road gallery in Worthington.

And I will have work at Haiku.

Going to start working on some proposals and more art soon.

Also, lots of stuff to do for Omnibucket Magazine. There are a lot of cool interviews waiting to be published, including a multimedia piece with Neil deGrass Tyson, and an interview with The Polish Ambassador (with art by Iaian Greenson).

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Anonymous said...

Hey friend....I am the artist (Iaian Greenson) working on the artwork for the Polish Ambassador article...thanks for the name check