Monday, September 15, 2008

On The News

On the news...well, my house is on the news. And my cars. I am not sure which network. They are talking about the power outage from Hurrican Ike. Yes, we has a hurricane in Central Ohio, no less. Category 1, and that is enough for me. The ironic thing is that we sent 50% of our electric crews to TX for Ike, So now we have no power. Went out at 3pm yesterday. Thank goodness for gas. Atleast I can take a hot shower. Plus, I am charging stuff at friends houses and work, and have internet access via the iPhone!
I also have a kick-ass battery lantern. Love it!

So, it is not so bad.

Joe and I were doing unspeakable things during the broadcast, by the way. lol.

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