Saturday, August 2, 2008

Like a Duck

Actually a goose...went to gallery hop tonight. It was around the time that the sidewalks were overly crowded with people. If you know me then you know crowds are not my thing. So, I started to walk in the street at times. Which reminded me of all the Canadian geese at work, who, incidentally, cause me to hop-scotch along the sidewalks because of their piles of green excrement. But I digress. As we were walking to Caribou the other day we walked up on about 30 geese. They all took off moving exceptionally fast in fear of us, which surprised me. Off to the pond, they went, to eat more fish and grass so they would have ammunition for my shoes and give me reason to skip. So, off to feed our caffeine addictions we went. On the way back we saw the same gaggle of geese sloooooowly walking across the street in front of a car. So, my point, just in case you missed it, is I would rather take my chances with a 2 ton vehicle in the street that could mow me down than with a bunch of unruly humans on the sidewalk.

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Jimmie said...

It's sad that they're more afraid of us than of our cars. Just goes to show how many stupid humans there are in the world. :-(

Side note: my word verification was lewgese. Almost lewGEESE. Close enough. Anyway, I'm rambling now.