Monday, January 21, 2008


Loved the new movie Cloverfield. They did such a great job with the filming...the single camera point of view was very effective, although it may make some people ill.

Here is the only thing I missed from the original preview. The monster sounds. Most people probably did not notice, but they were missing. This disappointed me. Not that the other sounds in the movie were not ok. I mean the metal scrapping a wires snapping in the bridge were cool. But, that horrible wail was just not there. It could have been the theater, though.

If it is playing at Marcus in the special theater in the back, I may have to go watch (listen) to it again.
One thing that may have been missing for me (aside from the sound), was what happened to the girl that was bit and taken off by people in bio suits. must see it!

Cloverfield Wikipedia

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